IEC 60950
Information Technology Equipment

IEC 60065
Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Equipment

IEC 61010
Laboratory, Measurement and Control Equipment

IEC 60335
Household, Commercial and Similar Electrical Appliances

IEC 60601
Medical electrical equipment

IEC 60730
Automatic electrical controls

IEC 61010
Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use

SANS 1795
Road traffic law enforcement systems

IEC 60669
Switches for household and similar fixed-electrical installations

Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)

SANS 62031
LED modules for general lighting

SANS 62103
Electronic Equipment For Use In Power Installations 


SANS 941
Energy Efficiency
for Electrical and Electronic Apparatus (Standby Power)

SANS 62087
Methods Of Measurement For The Power Consumption Of Audio, Video And Related Equipment

SANS 60350-1
Electrical Ovens, Energy Effiency Measurements

SANS 62301
Household Electrical Appliances - Measurement Of Standby Power

SABS 151
Storage Water Heaters


We are able to evaluate reports from other Accredited test laboratories and issue IEC reports.
We can issue declaration reports regarding Model and / or Trade Name changes.
We can assist in obtaining letter of authority (L.O.A)


o A copy of the original IEC test report and sample must be submitted to TEST AFRICA for inspection of components and comparison to the original sample.

o A declaration report will be issued if the new sample and the original sample have the same components and construction.

o Any differences between the components of the original sample and the new sample will have to be verified by testing the clauses of the specification affected by the changes. The testing of these clauses will be billed at an hourly rate, a quotation for this testing will be supplied before any testing is started.

o A test report covering the partial testing of the sample will be issued with a declaration report and will be submitted with an application form to the SABS for a LETTER OF AUTHORITY (L.O. A.).

o The client will be contacted as soon as the L.O.A. has been issued, to collect the documentation from TEST AFRICA or alternatively the documentation can be expressed to the client as arranged. 


o It's a requirement of the European New Approach directives.

o The application of this mark to a product requires an understanding of all the directives concerned.

o The mark is for regulatory use and since it is a declaration by the manufacturer of his representative within the European Community, does not imply any form of third party verification of the product.

o TEST AFRICA tests products to the specifications required by the various European Directives, and can assist the Manufacturer to compile the necessary documentation to prove compliance, including the Declaration of Conformity and Technical file. We can assist you to apply the CE Mark with confidence.