o JASWIC is the Joint Acceptance Scheme for Water Services Installation Components.

o All Geysers and Instantaneous Water Heaters MUST have JASWIC approval.

o TEST Africa Provides the Safety and performance testing to obtain JASWIC approval. 


o It's a requirement of the European New Approach directives.

o The application of this mark to a product requires an understanding of all the directives concerned.

o The mark is for regulatory use and since it is a declaration by the manufacturer of his representative within the European Community, does not imply any form of third party verification of the product.

o TEST AFRICA tests products to the requirements of the various European Directives, and can assist the Manufacturer to compile the necessary documentation to prove compliance, including the Declaration of Conformity and Technical file. We can assist you to apply the CE Mark with confidence.

SABS0142 -

In the newest amendment of this publication Clause 4.2 it states that electrical equipment shall comply with the relevant safety requirements. TEST AFRICA can assist you in this by providing testing and consultation.